I thought I would like to show some of the more recent ponds and water features as we close out the 2007 season. In taking some before and after pictures, we can see the vast difference the addition of water and landscaping can have in transforming a yard !

Enjoy ! And don't forget to click below for more projects in the 2007 season !

This POND REDO was a interesting challenge to take on. Multiple attempts by the client from several different pond builders produced dissapointing results with no real change in functional or esthitic appeal. Sloppy work on hiding liner and plumbing, sagging skimmer box, submersible lights not working, non mortared rock boulders falling into the pond and all around lack of attention to detail made this an eye sore when it could be something of beauty.
A sketch design was proposed to create a plan in what was truly the goal of this project. Every detail was discussed. Kind of rock to be used, flow of water, type of waterfall, color of plants, lighting, etc....

--------------THE END RESULT ----------